It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…wellness tips! Today’s Wellness Wednesday focuses on cold weather care for your pets. With the cold weather upon us its always good to have a refresher on cold weather care that your pets with thank you for!




1. KEEP YOUR CAT INDOOR – If your cat is and indoor/outdoor cat its best when the temperature drops to keep your feline friend inside at all times. Believe it or not when your cat goes outside, it can freeze quickly. When your cat is cold they can become disoriented or lost and it may be hard for them to find their way back home, even if they know the way. If you think its to cold for your cat to be outside, chances are you are right so keep them inside.


2. CHECK YOUR CAR – During the winter a lot of times outdoor cats like to sleep under the hoods of cars for warmth. When you start the car the motor fan belts can cause a cat a lot of harm. Its always a good rule of thump to bang loudly on the hood of the car if you are in a highly populated outdoor cat area. This will give them a chance to escape before turning the car on.


3. DRY YOUR CAT OFF – If you give your cat a bath during the winter time, be sure that the cat is completely dry before letting the cat go outdoors. Its always a good rule of thumb to wait 24 hours to make sure the cat is all the way dry.


4. WIPE THIER PAWS – If your cat comes in from the outdoors make sure to wipe their paws off. Like dogs, cats feet can get extremely cold and its good to make sure they are dry and protected at all times.


5. KEEP YOUR GARAGE CLEAN – If your cat likes to stay in the garage during the winter make sure you keep all harmful chemicals like antifreeze, gasoline or oil out of reach. These products can be harmful and even fatal to cats. Though they might not be attracted to the taste, if their is a puddle of gas or oil they could get it on their paws, lick them clean and poison themselves by doing so.




1. DOGHOUSE PREPARATION – If you have an outside dog its always good to make sure its doghouse is prepared for the cool winter weather. Make sure to protect your dog with a dry, draft-free doghouse that is large enough for your dog to sit and lie down but small enough that it will keep in body heat. Its always good to turn the doghouse so that the front opening isn’t facing the predominant wind. Cover the door with heavy plastic or a waterproof burlap to help keep the wind and rain from getting in.


2. DRESS FOR COMFORT – If your dog is a shorthaired breed they will tend to get colder quicker than other breeds. Its always good to consider getting your dog a coat or sweater for those cool days.


3. INCREASE PROTEIN INTAKE – Did you know that dogs burn more energy in colder temperatures? Increasing its food intake especially protein will provide your dog with additional energy as well as help keep their fur in tip top shape.


4. WIPE THEIR PAWS –  Like cats, its always good to wipe your dogs paws off when bringing them in from outside. Even paws that are covered with fur still get cold when they are wet. When paws are exposed to ice, snow and slat can hurt even the toughest paws.


5. CHECK THEIR WATER BOWLS – If your dog spends time outside, its good to routinely check their water bowls to make sure the water is fresh and not frozen. Its also good to use plastic bowls during the winter as metal bowls tend to be colder and freeze quicker. When the temperature is low, your pet’s tongue can stick and freeze to the metal.


Make sure you are ready this winter by stopping by any local Ark or Slobberbones Bakery and Market for bowls, towels or high protein dog food. Your pet will thank you!


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