Spring is quickly approaching and new threats to you and your pooch will be on the rise. With this new season, there are certain preparations that will be very beneficial for you, your canine companion, and your home.  It is important to follow these steps to make sure you are creating a happy and healthy Spring for your dog!

 1. Be sure to regularly brush your dog!

Winter is almost over and your dog will most likely be shedding their winter coat. There are some breeds though that do not shed at all, such as the Schnauzer, Maltese, and Afghan Hound. It is important to brush your dogs regularly in order to keep your house relatively free of hair. Brushing regularly also keeps your dog happier, more comfortable, and makes it easier to spot health problems. Be sure to brush!

2. Be sure to start preventive steps to keep your dog healthy!

Fleas, Ticks, and Heart-worms are a threat in the south throughout the year, but their numbers begin to rise in the spring and summer months. If you have not done so already, you should start using preventive medications to help guard against these pests. These pesky parasites can cause a host of problems for your dog which can be fatal. Start giving your dog preventive meds today!


3. Be sure to see your vet regularly!

Early Spring is usually a good time to get your dog’s vaccines taken care of and scheduling a checkup is important for your dog’s well-being for the upcoming warmer months. Your vet will let you know everything that is going on with your dog and can prescribe medications that will ensure good health for your furry friend. It is also not a bad idea to schedule a teeth cleaning as well. Dogs need to go to the dentist too!


4. Update your dog’s information!

Local ordinances usually require dogs to have up to date tags and microchip information. You can obtain this up to date information when your dog goes in for their shots. Be sure to be up-to-date!


5. Routinely check your yard!

Be sure to monitor your yard for any hazards that could affect your dog during their outdoor playtime. Also it is important to make sure that there is no fence damage that could allow your dog to escape or hurt themselves. 


Here at the Ark, we know how important your dog is to you and your family. We offer grooming options that would be perfect for your canine companion! Call now and ask about our Grooming and Spa Packages!

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