Why Crate Training is So Important

Crate training is very important for your dog’s happiness and well-being. It is an essential building block for obedience and can build a functional relationship between dog and owner. Your dog will be in a crate at some point in its life, whether it be at the vet, at a kennel, or home alone when you go out. Dogs who are crate trained are less likely to be flustered, scared, or anxious when left in a crate alone and it will benefit them greatly in those situations.

Sometimes it is difficult to crate train your pup because they might whine or bark. It is important to block out the emotional attachment and train your dog properly. You and your dog will be thankful you did in the future.

There are seven key areas of a dog’s life crate training will help or affect.

  1. It gives much needed structure to your dog’s life.

   2. Proper crate training makes your dog less anxious when being left alone.

   3. It helps your dog relax.

   4. It goes hand in hand with potty training your dog. (If your dog really needs to go, he or she will use the bathroom in the crate, not your house)

   5. Travel will be so much more relaxing for both you and your pooch.

   6. It gives your dog a quiet home that they can retreat to in time of need.

    7. It helps get rid of unwanted barking, chewing, and keeps them off of counter tops.

Here at the ARK, we offer bARK Obey + Play. Our training program helps dogs with many common behavioral problems that might affect you and your family. 

What we offer:

BASIC CLASS LESSONS:                                                           BEHAVIORAL ISSUES:

Sit Potty Training                                                                                    Barking

Down Chewing                                                                                        Chewing

Leave it Barking                                                                                       Jumping

Come Jumping                                                                                         Digging

Stay Digging                                                                                             Potty Training 

Walking nicely on a leash

Crate Training

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