October – Adopt a Shelter Dog Month



Did you know that October is Adopt an Animal Shelter Dog month? It happens ever year and many people including myself didn’t even know this was a thing. This holiday gives you that extra push you needed if you were on the fence about adopting a shelter dog. Read below to see a few benefits of shelter adoption and see what services The Ark can provide to help make your adoption process that much smoother.



1.  SAVING A LIFE – By adopting a shelter dog you will be saving a life. This in return will be a rewarding feeling in your own self. When you adopt a perform a shelter not only are you saving their life but you are also increasing its quality of life.


2. SAVE YOU MONEY – Most animals that are placed in shelters have almost always been spayed or neutered as well as vaccinated. These procedures add up when all said and done. It is also relatively inexpensive to adopt a pet from a shelter in comparison to purchasing a dog from a pet store. Who doesn’t love saving money?


3. HEALTHY PET – As mentioned above most pets from shelters are almost always spayed or neutered, and have received their vaccinations as well. Because of this, it helps to ensure the health of your future pet. Contrary to popular belief, many of the pets who have been placed in shelters have not been mistreated nor have they “done something wrong.” Many of the animals have been brought to a shelter because of their owners problems, such as divorce, a move or simply because they are unable to give adequately care to their pet.


4. PUPPY MILLS NO NO – By adopting a shelter dog you will not be supporting the puppy mills. Many animals these days that are sold on the internet or through newspapers often times come from puppy mills. Those dogs that come from puppy mills often times have health problems and are also forced to board with hundreds of dogs at a time, thus compromising the health and well-being of a dog. By adopting a shelter do, you are not supporting these often inhumane businesses.


5. SELECTION SELECTION – Since animal shelters have many pets available for adoption you will have a wide selection for you to choose from. Many shelters have a website that will allow you to search fro dogs based on their age, sex, size and breed. This allows a potential owner to be able to search from the comfort of their own homes. Also, most shelters will allow you to visit the dog so that way you can see how the animal interacts with you and your family.


If you are new to the dog world let The Ark help you get your dog adjusted to it’s new life outside of the shelter. We have several services that can give you peach of mind when adding a new member to your family.


DAYCARE – Doggy daycare is always a great option for your furry friend to get social time in while you are away at work. Daycare will help your dog stay active throughout the day and in return it will sleep well at night.


BOARDING – We board all types of animals, but specialize in dog boarding, so if you ever go out of town you know your dog will be in good hands with our helpful staff.


TRAINING – We have training at our East Brainerd and Doraville locations. Training is not only good for your dog but for you as well. Having proper training will give your do the knowledge of basic commends that will benefit you in your day to day life.


GROOMING – We have grooming services to help maintain your canines hygiene and have them looking fresh and clean.


Give us a call at The Ark location that is closest to you. We would love to help you decide what services work best for your new pet. I hope these fun quick beneficial facts will help educate you a little more on shelter adoption and you are able to take part in this months Adopt a Shelter Dog holiday.


CLICK HERE to check out this great video about pet adoption.


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