Wellness Wednesday – Benefits of Walking your Dog.

Benefits of Walking your Dog.


Its the perfect week with this cooler weather to take your dog for a walk. Did you know that by walking your dog you are increasing its chances of canine obesity as well as behavioral problems that can result from a sedentary lifestyle? What a clever way to get your dog moving and for you to reap the benefits as well!


Studies have shown that by walking your dog for just 30 minutes, three times a week can have many benefits to both you and your dogs health. Read below to find out a few of those benefits!


1. Reduce blood pressure – The lower your blood pressure is, you lower the risk of stroke or heart disease.


2. Increase energy – Studies show that the best ways to beat fatigue and boost energy is to exercise more. Energy levels will strengthen the circulation and the heart muscles causing energy levels to rise.


3. Improve sense of well being – By getting out and exercising you are taking time for yourself and your dog. Take this time to destress and be in the moment with your dog. This in return will boost your sense of well-being.


4. Lower your weight – Did you know that by walking your dog you will lower your weight by 5% and your dog’s by 15%. Who doesn’t want to do that?


5. Bonding time – By making daily walks a routine, it will give your dog a sense of one on one time and will become a great bonding experience for both you and your pup.


I hope after reading these fun facts about how walking your dog can benefit you both, you will jump at the opportunity to take part in National Walk your Dog Week. Not only will your dog thank you, your health will too. Now get out and get to walking!


If you have an unruly dog and walking isn’t an option for you take a look at our dog training service. This is a good way to get your dog comfortable on a leash for short or extended walks.  Contact our E. Brainerd location at 423-521-8888 or our Doraville location at 770-696-1897.