Wellness Wednesday – Holiday Food



Its Wellness Wednesday and today’s topic is focused on the beloved holiday feast. What might be delicious and perfectly normal for you to eat isn’t always the case for our family pets. Today’s blog is going to give you a quick run down of foods that fall on the “no-no” list and those that fall on the “ok” list.




CHOCOLATE – Though everyone is aware that chocolate isn’t good to give your dog because it causes abnormal heart rhythms, not everyone is aware that the chocolate used to bake during the holidays is extremely toxic. If a dog happens to snatch a chunk of your baking chocolate while you aren’t looking, this could send him straight to the ER. Its always good to make sure you keep your baking goods out of reach so you can prevent this from happening.


GRAPES OR RAISINS – These fruits are known to cause kidney failure in dogs. It is said that these items tend to give problems when given in large quantities over a long period of time. Its best to keep these out of your dogs line of sight.


XYLITOL – Anything that contains xylitol in it, is very toxic and absolutely deadly to dogs. Though most people do not bake with xylitol, those who are diabetics do. If you keep xylitol in your house its best to make sure it is put away and in a safe spot to where your dog can’t get a hold of it.


MACADAMIA NUTS – We all love a good macadamia nut cookie or holiday treat but its best not to offer them to your furry friends.


ALCOHOL – Though it isn’t toxic, its good to know that pets are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol because of their relatively small size.




TURKEY – If you should give your cat or dog turkey please note that excess fat and skin should be removed before giving it to your pet. Its also good to note that their is not bone in the pieces you give. If their is bone please remove as they tend to splinter.


MASHED POTATOES – Giving your pet mashed potatoes will cause not harm in your pet. However, be aware of any added ingredient such as cheese, sour cream, onions or gravy.


CRANBERRY SAUCE – If you chose to give your pet this holiday favorite please note it is high in sugar. Though it is safe to give, its recommend to only give in small amounts.


MACARONI AND CHEESE – Its always safe to feed your pet just the plain pasta. Though it might not taste as yummy your mind will be at ease knowing the plain noodle won’t hurt a fly.


GREEN BEANS – This holiday treat is a wonderfully nutritious holiday leftover for your pet. Though you should note its best to give a green bean alone and not mixed in with other ingredients such as green bean casserole.


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*Resource: http://www.petmd.com/dog/wellness/nutrition/evr_multi_holiday_scraps2