Today is National Change a Pet’s Life Day. So today’s Wellness Wednesday blog we give you 5 different ways you can help change a pets life today and in the days following.


1. ADOPT – Adopt a pet is the perfect way you can change a pets life. If you have been toying with the idea of adopting a pet this is the perfect opportunity to do so. McKamey Animal Center is hosting a One-Day Adoption event ValenPaws on Saturday, February 10th from 10am until 4pm. Just CLICK HERE to find out more about the event.


2. DONATE – If you already have a pet or not able to have a pet but want to help out, you can always donate to a local animal shelter of your choosing. Whether it’s monetary, blankets, or food, donating can be on of the most helpful things you can do for animals. Donations are always appreciated by shelters. Most animal shelters are non-profit organizations and have many expensive which are difficult to keep up with. By donating you will be helping in a big way and bettering the life of several pets.


3. VOLUNTEER – Donating your time is sometimes one of the best things someone can do. Most shelters welcome volunteers with open arms. McKamey Animal Center has a section on their website that is designated solely for “volunteers”. Several animals will benefit from going on walks, playtime or just a pet behind the ears. CLICK HERE to find out how you can volunteer your time at McKamey.


4. SHARE – Sharing information about your local animal shelters and the events that they host is a great way to spread the love of pet adoption. By getting the word out about these events you are in return helping change a pets life. Social media platforms make it easy to share these kind of events. Simply click the “share” button and voila you have helped change a pet’s life!


5. QUALITY TIME – If you have a pet you can always change their life by just spending extra quality time with them. Quality time is very important to all animals. It helps them feel safe and know that you are their caregiver and protector. So make sure to spend a little extra time with your pet not just today but every day if possible.


I hope these five ways of changing a pets life has you inspired and ready to help. What are you going to do to changes a pet’s life? Let us know in the comments on the ways you are going to change a pet’s life.


Resources: Doobert.com