Did you know that January is “National Train Your Dog Month”? January is the perfect month for this pet holiday because some many families adopt or purchase pets over the winter break. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers declared this holiday starting in 2010 to really focus and dedicate a month to bringing awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to inform the public that training your dog can be both easy and fun.




SAFETY – Properly training your dog can actually save your dog’s life. Training can teach your do the ability to come to you when called instead of just running to you. This will help them become more aware of their surroundings. This will be beneficial in public or outdoor places where traffic or crowds can be heavy. Also teaching your dog to sit, stay and remain calm in emergency situations is beneficial for both you and your pet.


SOCIALIZATION – Everyone wants their dog to be able to socialize and get a long with other dogs they encounter. When you bring your do to training classes, it will not only help them learn commends but it is also the perfect opportunity for your dog to get some socialization time with other dogs. In the class your dog will learn to play with other dogs in a respectful, non-aggressive way and in an atmosphere that is welcoming.


BRING YOUR DOG EVERYWHERE – Once your dog goes through training and learns the basic commends you as an owner will feel you can take your dog anywhere. More and more places are opening their doors to dogs. If your dog has bad behavior they are more likely to be banned from public places. By training your dog properly you will be able to avoid bad behaviors and gain the ability to bring your dog with you wherever you go.


MAKES YOUR DOG HAPPY – Like kids, dogs need boundaries. You may feel that untrained dogs are happier because they don’t have rules but research shows otherwise. If your dog knows you’re in command, it takes the pressure off of them to be the pack leader. Dogs like most everyone else like a well-ordered place and having your dog properly trained will help your dog have a sense of order. So a trained dog is a happy dog!


TRAINING ENHANCES YOUR BOND – Believe it or not training your dog doesn’t make you the bad guy, it actually does just the opposite. Dogs aren’t humans; they aren’t trained to resent the boss. Training alongside of a dog trainer can help build a deeper bond with your dog. Once training is over, you have to reinforce what the trainer has taught. This puts you in the leadership position and lets your dog be a dog.


If you’ve been wanting to train your dog then this is the month to do it! I hope after reading these benefits it will hopefully help you get a jump start your training! If you are interested in signing up your do for training classes be sure to check out The Ark’s bARK Obey + Play training services at our East Brainerd and Doraville locations. You can give us a call at 423-521-8888 or 770-696-1897 to find out more information.


If you are plaining on  training your dog on your own, we have great training treats. You can stop by any of The Ark locations and mention this blog post and receive 20% off training treats. Happy National Train Your Dog Month and best of luck with your training!


Resources: Spot Canine Club