With the new year only a few days away i’m sure you have put some thought into your new year resolutions. But have you thought about resolutions for your pets, or some that include you and your pet? Today’s Wellness Wednesday is all about resolutions that you can make for your pet or something you can do with your pet that will benefit them in the new year.


7. MEASURE YOUR PET’S FOOD – EVERY TIME! – A lot of times when we feed our pets we are in a rush and don’t necessarily follow the recommended feeding guidelines. Because of this, a lot of times we are overfeeding our pets and causing unnecessary weight gain. For the new year try using an 8-ounce measuring cup to ensure your pet isn’t taking in un-needed calories. A good rule of thump is to start with the feeding guidelines on the bag to figure how much your dog or cat really needs.


6. CHOOSE AN AGE-APPROPRIATE DIET – Staying on the food topic, its good to pick an age appropriate diet. As your pet grows, they have specific nutrient requirements to help ensure that their bodies grow healthy and strong. If you have an older pet, they may have medial issues and having an age appropriate diet will help with these health issues. Choosing a diet that is specifically tailored to your pet’s life stage is the perfect way to keep your pets in optimal health.


5. TRY A NEW ACTIVITY WITH YOUR PET – Trying a new activity with your pet is easier than ever before. This resolution is not only beneficial to your dog, but you as well. You will have extra bonding time with your pet and reap the rewards of a healthy physical activity.


4. INCORPORATE (MORE) PLAYTIME INTO YOUR ROUTINE – Getting cats active can sometimes be tricky. A great way to get them up and moving is by using toys that trigger their predatory instinct. Experiment with cat toys such as lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls and climbing towers to see what gets your cat going.


3. MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR VET – Like humans its always good to get a yearly check up for your pet. Though these examinations aren’t a crowd favorite it is a key component of good preventive care. As your pet gets older common health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or obesity are much easier to manage when detected in the early stages of the disease process.


2. TEACH AN OLD DOG A NEW TRICK – Keeping your older pet’s brain active can actually make it healthier. Studies have shown that mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in aging animals. By practicing tricks your pet already knows and adding in a new one is a great way to keep your pets neurons firing.


1. UPDATE PET ID INFO – Changes happen all the time – people move, get new phone numbers and because of these changes most of the time we also forget to updated our pets tag until their pet is lost. If your contact information has changed the new year is the perfect time to update your pets tags and their microchip information. By making these changes, its the best way to ensure a lot pet makes their way home safely.


Whether you come up with your own pet resolution or add one of these to your list its great to include your furry friends on your list! We hope 2018 brings great things to you and your pets. Happy New Year from all of us at The Ark Pet Spa and Hotel!


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