The holidays are upon us which also means holiday travel is too! Today’s blog post are top 5 travel tips when traveling with your cat, dog or both. Read on for more information about traveling.


1. PREP YOUR PET FOR A LONG TRIP – Its always a good idea to help get your pet geared up for travel. The best way to get your pets accounted with travel is by taking short drives first and gradually lengthen their time spent in the car. This should make holiday travel easier on your pets because they are more familiar with vehicle travel.


2. BE EXTRA VIGILANT – Though you might know your pet like the back of your hand its always good to be extra vigilant while traveling. Since travel is unfamiliar to your pet they could easily be startled by a loud noise or an unfamiliar stimuli. Cats could try and take shelter behind your legs and a dog my try jumping out a half-opened window. Its always good to keep your pets safe and secure at all times while traveling.


3. PET FOOD AND WATER – While traveling you could face unexpected delays. Thats just the beast of travel. When traveling with pets its always a good idea to pack extra food and water in the car just in case you have those delays. Its always good to be prepared ahead of time. Make sure the water that you pack is bottled water, as water from an area your pet isn’t use to could cause discomfort. Also, its not good to feed your pet while moving. Wait until those pit stops to pull out the food or snacks.


4. TRAVEL CRATE FOR YOUR PET– The perfect travel crate for your pet should be large enough for your pet to be able to do the following…stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. Though fabric carriers are a good way to travel with your pets, a plastic well-ventilated crate is more versatile. Also, make sure you secure your crate in a safe place just in case you have any abrupt stops. If you forgo the crate, make sure your pet stays in the back seat and do not allow them to stick their head out the window.


5. PREP A PET-FRIENDLY TRAVEL KIT – A pet-friendly travel kit should include the following…food, a bowl, leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and first-aid and any travel documents that may be needed. Its also a good idea to pack your pets favorite toy or pillow to make them feel as comfortable as possible while traveling.


We hope these top 5 pet travel tips are helpful and can be put to use this holiday season. We here at The Ark want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your continues support and business.


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