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Madison: (256) 325-0157

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Dog Grooming

Our award winning grooming crew creates a relaxing environment for your dog designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests.

Pets deserve to be pampered with peaceful, refreshing services such as massages, baths, paw-dicures, aromatherapy, and breath fresheners. These services are especially beneficial to pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or pets recovering from surgery. 

The Ark's full-service spa is sure to leave your pet happy and refreshed. Our crew uses soothing bath products to ensure pet safety and to optimize the pampering spa experience. 

Our groomers offer several spa packages to choose from! Whether your lovely companion needs an all-inclusive spa day, a bath and brush, or just a Shed Control Treatment, we've got you covered! Check out our Spa Menu below!

The pet Spa Menu

Spa prices vary by size, coat condition/type, and doggy disposition. Final prices will be set by groomer prior to service. Prices do not include any de-matting (de-matting is available with fee). You must provide proof that your dog is current on the following vaccinations: Rabies Bordetella Distemper/Parvo

The Main Staples

Basic Bath

This is our quick, no fuss bath. We will bathe your dog with our standard shampoo, towel and blow-dry, and a light brush. No frills! 

Small (1-19 lbs)

$20.00 - $30.00

Medium (20 - 44 lbs)

$20.00 - $35.00

Large (45 - 74 lbs)

$30.00 - $40.00

Extra Large (75+ lbs)

$35.00 - $50.00

Full Bath

A full-service bath includes our premium shampoo, conditioner, face, feet, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, towel and blow-dry, nail trim & file, and a light brush.

Small (1-19 lbs)

$35.00 - $55.00

Medium (20 - 44 lbs)

$40.00 - $60.00

Large (45 - 74 lbs)

$40.00 - $65.00

Extra Large (75+ lbs)

$50.00 - $115.00

Full Haircut

A full-service haircut includes our premium shampoo, conditioner, full haircut, ear cleaning, towel and blow-dry, nail trim & file, and a light brush. 

Small (1-19 lbs)

$55.00 - $85.00

Medium (20 - 44 lbs)

$60.00 - $90.00

Large (45 - 74 lbs)

$65.00 - $105.00

Extra Large (75+ lbs)

$80.00 - $125.00+

Specialty Treatments +

Add a specialty treatment to any of our grooming services to help your dog look and feel like a million bucks! 

Shed Control

  • Removes lots of the hair that would normally end up in your home!
  • Pre/post bath blowout & brush, specialty shampoo & conditioner
  • Recommended every 6 weeks for best results
  • +$20.00 - $35.00 (based on size)

Healthy Skin & Coat

  • Leaves their skin and coat cleaner, healthier, and rejuvenated!
  • Medicated oatmeal treatment & anti-itch medicated shampoo
  • +$15.00

Fresh Breath

  • Leave with fresh, clean breath!
  • Fresh breath oral care gel & spray
  • +$10.00


  • Smoother, rounder, healthier nails and paw pads!
  • Nail trim & diamond file w/ spa paw & pad treatment
  • +$8.00


Flea & Tick Treatment

  • Capstar Flea & Tick tablet to kill fleas and ticks on the spot
  • Specialty flea and tick shampoo & conditioner
  • $25.00 (added to any main staple)

FFF Trim (Face, Feet, Fanny)

  • Sometimes they just need a trim up around the ears, feet, and fanny
  • A quick and easy trim for comfort and function
  • $10.00-$20.00 (based on size)

Nail Trim & Diamond File

  • A simple nail trim and file to leave your dogs nails shorter and smoother
  • $14.00

Anal Gland Expression

  • Dog scooting their fanny across your new rug? We may be able to help with this unsightly problem.
  • $12.00


  • Our groom crew will use the best tools for your dog to remove those stubborn matts
  • $15/ first 10 min. + $1/min. after

Ear Cleaning

  • Itchy, stinky ears? We can help by using our special ear cleaning solution and cleaning technique to leave them squeaky clean
  • $10.00